Man Follows Postman and Silently Records. When Camera Zooms Out His True Intentions Are Revealed

Sometimes, the best in people shines through during the most difficult of times. In the aftermath of the massive fire that leveled hundreds of homes in California, a man’s simple gesture is touching the hearts of thousands from across the world.
A drone that was flying over an area that was completely destroyed by the flames captured a postal worker doing his rounds and delivering the mail in a neighborhood that looks like an atomic bomb just got dropped there.
Every single house in the neighborhood had been burnt down to the ground, but that hasn’t stopped this dedicated mailman from doing his job and delivering the mail like he always does. Somehow, all those mailboxes are still standing. That’s despite the flames destroying everything else and turning a once beautiful, cozy neighborhood into an apocalyptic landscape.
To learn more about this story and find out what drove the mailman to keep doing his job despite all circumstances, makes sure to watch the video below.
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