Man Screws Plastic Bottles into Cardboard and Hangs It On Window. Revolutionary Idea Works Wonders

It’s summer and the temperatures are getting downright ridiculous. Luckily, though, most of you reading this have access to different solutions to help you stay cool in warm weather. Unfortunately, not the same can be said for people who live in undeveloped countries like Bangladesh.
There, people have little resources to protect themselves against the blistering heat. Many of the homes in Bangladesh are made out tin which makes them extremely hot.
Tin is a material that absorbs heat, so it actually makes things worse instead of offering a layer of protection against the sun.
To help with this problem and keep rural housing in Bangladesh cool, a team of innovators have come up with an ingenious idea. Re-purposing used soft drink and water bottles, the Eco-Cooler can work without electricity, and is supposed to reduce temperatures up to 5° Celsius.
Moreover, the innovators teamed up with an IT company to create grids made from plastic bottles cut in half that can be placed in windows to significantly reduce the temperature of a room.
If you want to get more details about how this simple yet effective cooler works without electricity, make sure to check out the video below.

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