Man sees a homeless woman sleeping outside his home. 5-days-later, he hands her a pair of keys

Did you know that women are the fastest growing group of the homeless population in the United States? Domestic violence, poverty, divorce, poor family planning; these are just a few of the leading causes of women ending up on the streets, often with their kids by their sides.
It’s a huge problem, and unfortunately, the authorities don’t seem able to solve this problem and get these women off the streets, not even with the help of nonprofit organizations.
But what would happen if we would all contribute to the solution? The man in the video below decided to take matters into his own hands when he saw a homeless woman sleeping on the street outside his home.
In less than a week, Elvis Summers, a 37-year-old Los Angeles native, managed to actually build a small home for the woman and handed her the keys. The tiny home is safe and warm enough to ensure the woman is comfortable there.
In fact, the woman couldn’t be happier with her new home. “I felt so good. I was so relaxed. I think I must’ve slept half of the day,” she said recalling the moment Elvis handed her the keys.
His gesture is definitely inspiring. Take a look:

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