Man’s Upset Finding Dozens of Holes in His Walls. Pulls Back Insulation And Has Internet In Laughter

With the weather getting warmer and summer just a few months away, the man in the video below decided now would be the best time to start a remodeling project of his pool house. The man was excited to get started working, but little did he know that the project will turn out to be a lot more challenging that he would ever believe.
The man was aware of the fact that his pool house was a favorite spot for woodpeckers to hang out, but he never expected the woodpeckers to leave him such a consistent “gift.” The holes in his wooden house were a clear sign that dozens of woodpeckers have targeted his house.
However, it was only when the man removed the isolation on the walls that the magnitude of the problem revealed itself. There were more acorns inside the walls than I’ve ever seen in one place in my entire life. Honestly, it’s crazy to think that every single one of those acorns was put there by a woodpecker; there are just so many.
As he admits in the clip, the man wasn’t too fond of woodpeckers to begin with, but this really took things to another level. You need to see this!

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