Master chef shares secret to the perfect hard-boiled egg, and it’s not what you would expect

Eggs are not only delicious but also extremely versatile. But although eggs are one of the most easily hackable ingredients ever, they are also difficult to get just right.
Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the ones which are the hardest to get right, so if you are a fan of eggs, then make sure to watch the video below.
By doing so, you will get to learn the secret behind making perfect hard boiled eggs every single time. By using the technique shown in the video, you will get a creamy yet firm yolk and perfectly boiled whites.
One of the tricks for achieving optimal results is not bringing the water in which you place the eggs to a full boil. You just let them simmer for the right amount of time in a saucepan that you cover up with a lid.
The full set of instructions is available right here in this short clip. Making perfect hard-boiled eggs is one of the most basic things you should master in the kitchen, so take a few minutes to learn something new today.
You won’t be sorry, and you’ll get to enjoy delicious hard-boiled eggs every time you fancy them.

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