Meet the WINDOWLESS airplane. This is the future of air transport

Among the pleasures of flying include the ability to admire the world from above, but this experience could be significantly changed if plans of a jet plane without windows will be carried out successfully.

Technicon Design, a design agency from France, has released videos showing a Ixion windowless Jet. This is the private jet agency proposal for the future, and it does not contain any windows in its fuselage. Instead of windows, the french  company talks about screens covering the inside cabins, displaying panoramic images from outside the plane. If the aircraft is moving through a “boring” are, passengers could request a video display or initiating a videoconference with a business partner.

Technicon Design states that the removal of the aircraft windows will reduce weight, while reducing fuel and maintenance costs. This also provides designers more opportunities to change actual interior of airplanes. There are still no firm plans to build such a plane, but other companies have shown interest in inventing a plane with no windows, so their market launch could be just a matter of time.

One such company is Spike Aerospace, USA, which wants to launch supersonic commercial flights in 2018. Spike expects its aircraft to fly from London to New York in less than four hours, and they will be windowless. The reasons are similar to those offered by Technicon Design. Spike Aerospace planes will contain thin screens that could display surrounding landscapes or different movies.



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