Mom Buys Sink Mats from Dollar Store, Shares Clever Trick That Makes Laundry Time a Breeze

Have you ever met anyone who thinks doing laundry is fun? Me neither. And while it may not make you get excited about doing this tedious task, the hacks compiled in the video below will definitely make the process a lot faster.
The best part about these tips is that they are all extremely cost-efficient. That’s because all the supplies you will need to put them into action come from the dollar store where you know most items are priced at $1.
Among the hacks you’ll discover by watching the clip you’ll find easy organization tips that will help you declutter your home. That’s in addition to laundry tips and tricks that you’ll definitely wish you knew sooner like how to use sink plastic mats to make folding laundry so much easier.
Folding T-shirts is one of the most dreaded and most time consuming parts of the entire process of doing laundry, but with this hack, you’ll have perfectly folded T-shirts every single day, and it will only take you minutes to get everything over with!
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