Mom Criticized for Letting Daughter Get Married. 22 Years Later, They All Regret It

There’s nothing like a good love story, right? There are so many wonderful loves stories out there, still we only seem to hear and see depictions of the classic one. You know what I’m talking about, the fairytale: boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, immediately start making babies and live happily ever after.
In reality, a lot more happens in between those moments. It takes a lot of commitment and devotion for love to withstand the test of time; two qualities which the couple in the video below have going for them.
Their love story started more than two decades ago. Not long after the met, Maryanne and Tommy Pilling decided to get wed and start their life together. But unlike most couples out there, they had to justify their love in front of others and their decision to get married.
That’s because both Maryanne and Tommy have Down Syndrome. Many people in their lives have told them they wouldn’t be able to take care of themselves and of one another. But they defied all odds and proved them all wrong.
Now, 22 years after they got married, their love is still growing strong. Take a look:

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