Mom and Dad Surprise Daughters with Adopted Sister, But Watch Red Headed Girl’s Reaction

Families nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as there is love connecting the family members, it’s all good. And loving is definitely the right word to describe the family in the video below.
Shane Pruitt and his wife, Kasi already have two beautiful girls together, but they decided to add one more member to their family. And this time around, they wanted to adopt and provide a loving home to a baby who was born by a mom who couldn’t take care of her.
Needless to say that when the day came to bring their adopted baby from the hospital, Shane and Kasi were excited beyond description. But there was someone just as excited waiting for them at home. The family’s older daughters could barely speak when they saw their mom stepping through the front door, holding the baby in her arms.
As soon as they got closer, both girls started crying and showering the baby girl with affection. Judging by their touching reactions, I think it’s safe to say they will make for amazing big sisters. What do you think? Take a look and don’t forget to share this with others as well.

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