Mom Delivers Healthy Set of Twins. Minutes Later Doctors Gasp at Rarity They’ve Never Seen

It’s not uncommon for twins to nag each other for being the older sibling because one of them was born a couple of minutes before the other. But have you ever heard of a mom giving birth to twins in different years? As unbelievable as all this might sound, there is actually a pretty simple and straightforward explanation behind this story.
Maria Flores gave birth to her two children less than twenty minutes apart on New Year’s Eve. Joaquan Flores was born a few minutes to midnight at the end of 2017, but his sister Aitana was born 16 minutes into 2018. This made their birth a news of national interest.
What’s more, local community organizations that got hold of the surprising birth decided to celebrate their coming into the world by donating over $3,000 worth of baby items that will surely come in handy for the new mommy of two. And that wasn’t the only surprise surrounding the twins’ birth.
According to mom Maria Flores, the twins weren’t due for another three weeks. Luckily, both babies were born healthy and are ready to start their journey into this world full of exciting new discoveries and novelty.

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