Mommy Takes Baby Shopping Through Christmas Aisle. Reaction Is Taking Internet by Storm

It’s November, so it’s not too soon to begin thinking about Christmas. Stores are already starting to display Christmas merchandise, and it’s impossible not to stop by, even if it’s just for a second, to glance at all the sparkling, colorful ornaments and toys.
Such was the case of the mom and the adorable toddler in the video below. The two started shopping for Christmas early on, and as they rolled past the Christmas section of the store, the baby boy had the most adorable reaction ever.
Obviously dazzled by the beauty of all the ornaments and Christmas trees put on display, the boy seemed to be in disbelief as to what he was seeing. His face literally lights up every time he sees a Christmas-related item. Luckily, mom was able to capture the boy’s incredible reaction on video, and later shared it on her social media account.
There’s no way you can watch the boy’s face expressions and not get a huge smile on your face.
Christmas seen through the eyes of a child is a magical thing, so if this doesn’t get you even more excited for Christmas, then I don’t know what will.

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