Mom’s Baby Dies. Months Later, She Has No Clue Family Christmas Photo Is Hiding A Secret Message

At the point when Tyne Owen got down on one knee to propose to his sweetheart Jamie, she could scarcely contain her feeling.

Be that as it may, the story behind their tall tale proposition is one of impossible despair.

Two months before the proposition the youthful couple from Newcastle, New South Wales, was given the staggering news that their unborn child, which they named Smudge, had passed away.

Jamie experienced antiphospholipid disorder, which happens when your safe framework erroneously assaults a portion of the ordinary proteins in your blood.

The condition can prompt to blood clumps, which for Jamie’s situation, brought about a blood coagulation in her placenta that prevented their child from getting food.

The couple was told the overwhelming news at their 20-week scan.

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