News story takes unexpected turn, as anchor suddenly breaks down in tears in live TV

Although it may seem like it watching from the sofa at home, being an anchor is not an easy job. In addition to having perfect diction, those in charge of delivering the top news every day also need to possess a high-level of composure.
It’s important not let the stories they deliver affect them to a point in which they can no longer do their job with the level of professionalism that is expected of them. Still, sometimes, you come across stories that touch you deep inside and you can’t help but showcase your emotions.
Such was the case of the anchorman in the video below. A story about music brought him to tears while the cameras were rolling, and the man’s emotional reaction has gone viral online since. The story was about an elderly woman who used musical therapy to get back in touch with her memories and re-live some of the best experiences in her life through the power of music.
The touching story obviously struck a chord with the man, so when it was time to talk about the story with his co-hosts in the studio, the man just bursted into tears and had a hard time regaining his composure. Take a look:

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