OUTRAGEOUS! She SHAVED her head and pretended to have CANCER to raise money from donations!

It’s outrageous what this con has made to make money. She pretended to have cancer to arouse the pity of others!
Kristen Hines, a woman from Tennessee, United States aged 35 years forged medical documents and signatures of many medical specialists in order to make her illness real. She shaved her head and using forged documents she managed to fool many people who have donated money to get treatment.

She intended to cheat even more people as she launched a Facebook campaign intended to raise money, ostensibly for therapy and other treatments. She raised $ 100.000 ! One of the doctors whose signature she forged reported her to the police, saying that Kristen Hines was never his patient, so he did not put any diagnosis.

Kristen Hines had so much guts that she wanted to organize a gala dedicated to cancer patients and those who have survived the disease. But she did not get the chance to put tickets on sale because she was arrested by the police.

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