Owl casually joins helicopter pilot to battle California wildfires

With the massive wildfires continuing to rage all over California, any help is so appreciated. Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers are putting their lives on the line to limit the proportions of the blaze. However, apparently not only humans are fighting the bushfires, but animals as well. While the rescuing dogs saved so many lives from the wreckage, a few days ago an helicopter pilot had the surprised of his life after an owl decided to join his efforts in the attempt to battle the blaze.


Dan Alpiner was flying his helicopter over the Creek Fire. When he was ready to release a bucket of water on the flames, Dan witnessed something really amazing. He was 200 feet above when a wild owl joined him in the helicopter. One of the side windows was open, so the bird just strolled in and took sit.

Speaking for THE DODO, the pilot explained: “I saw this flutter out of the corner of my eye. I looked over, a little spooked, and we locked eyes.” The man really surprised by how friendly the bird was. “He was super friendly — like he just wanted to say hi,” he said.”He just kind of chilled out.”


The things didn’t changed not even after Dan landed for a refill. The pilot even got the chance to capture a photo of the owl. The unlikely co-pilot just sat there for two refills, before eventually flying away. The scene left the pilot baffled, though. “It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of things,” the man said. “It was just unreal.”

(h/t: the dodo)

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