Owner asks dog to show his “mean face” and he nails it

One of the best things about being a dog owner (besides the unconditional love you receive on a daily basis) is that you get a chance to teach your pup all kinds of fun tricks. Some dog owners teach their dogs how to roll over, how to sit, or how to beg for food. The list is endless. Some tricks are harder for dogs to master than others. The more complex the trick is, the harder it is for owners to get their dogs to do it.
Well, the trick shown in the video below is definitely not an easy one, but this smart canine nailed it. His owner somehow managed to teach him how to show his mean face on command, and the result is pretty impressive.
As soon as the owner tells him to show his mean face and show his teeth, the dog immediately does as said, proving there’s a lot of loyalty and trust between them two. I know the dog’s mean face is just a trick, but I must admit, it looks pretty legit. I would definitely be scared if I was greeted by this mean face, wouldn’t you? Check it out.

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