Owner notices dog’s new smile, dies of laughter when he realizes what exactly happened

Dogs are curious in nature, so it’s not uncommon for them to search in and around the house. If you have a dog, then you know it’s pretty ordinary to bring stuff they find in the garden or the backyard inside the house.
My dog always brings sticks from outside and hides them all over the house. I once found a stick in my laundry basket! I’ve seen other dogs bring in all kinds of strange things from the garden – including bones – but nothing compares to this!
A rescue dog from Sao Paulo has become Internet famous after she found a pair of dentures while digging up dirt in her backyard. The dog somehow came across the fake teeth and decided they were interesting enough to keep. The dog carried the teeth inside the house in her mouth, and the result is hilarious.
Because of the way she was carrying them, it looked like the dog was actually wearing the pair of teeth. Luckily, her owners managed to snap a few pictures showing the rib-tickling moment. Can you imagine calling your dog inside and being met with this kind of smile? Dogs are hilarious!


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