Owners tell their puppy to go to bed but he refuses to leave his teddy. WATCH his solution

You know how it is. Sleeping alone is not always fun. When you’re a kid, you don’t like sleeping alone because you are afraid of the monsters in the closets and under your bed. Then you grow older and you don’t like sleeping alone because you’re afraid of dying an old maid and never finding someone who is willing to spoon with you for more than two nights in a row. Anyway, moving on.
The thing is, dogs don’t like sleeping all alone neither. Unfortunately, not all owners allow dogs to spend the night with them in the same bed. Also, dogs tend to sleep a lot more than humans do. The dog in the video below has found a friend to spend all those lonely night with.
The only problem is that the stuffed bear is a bit too big to fit inside his kennel. But this pup doesn’t know the meaning of impossible. After struggling for a while, he somehow manages to pull the teddy bear inside the kennel.
This has to be one of the cutest video to surface the Internet lately.
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