He paints a mason jar and places it upside down on tin foil. When he picks it up? SO CLEVER!

Mason jars are definitely DIY superstars. It’s mind-blowing what you can do with a simple mason jar and a lot of creativity. There’s no shortage of videos online you can take inspiration from when it comes to creating amazing and special things using these seemingly ubiquitous glass containers. From using them as containers to organize art supplies to using them as night lights to spruce up the design of your room, the sky’s the limit.
If you fancy using mason jars for your next act project, then you will most likely appreciate the video below. The clip provides simple instructions on how to tint mason jars with various colors. What’s great about this technique is that it allows you to use any color you want depending on your preferences and how you plan on using the jar, of course.
And don’t think you’ll need to invest a lot of money into this project. The only things you will need are a clear mason jar, some modge podge glue, a plastic cup, wax paper, tin foil, and some food coloring.
Pay close attention to the instructions, and maybe try doing this cool project yourself this upcoming weekend!

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