Paralyzed at the age of six months, this puppy has learned that nothing is impossible

Meet Joy, a female Golden Retriever that at first glance might seem a normal dog, except for one thing …Joy can not walk because of paralysis of hind limbs acquired after a blow to the spine. The people who love animals have made ​​a frame with two wheels, to compensate her infirmity. Even the condition of the spine that made ​​her no longer able to use the hind legs, has not prevented Joy to be confident in a new chance at a normal life.
Seeing Joy dragging, a few people of good faith have built a special frame to help her walk, run and even swim.
It’s amazing how good it feels when it can make things considered normal, even banal for any healthy dog!
She is a special puppy, which is why she wanted to be accepted by a loving family. Fortunately, since this material has been filmed, Joy was adopted.
Congratulations to those who gave her a house, giving her all the love she needed.

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