Supergroup Pentatonix’s Unique Chilling Spin On “Hallelujah” Is Going Viral

The winter holidays is a time of the year where most of us like to think about the spiritual aspects of life, and try to be just a little bit better and kinder. It’s the perfect occasion to do some soul searching and do your best to connect with the energies that reside deep inside of you.
And this is the perfect song to help you clear your mind, refocus, and remind yourself of the things that are truly important in life, like faith, love and peace.

This beautiful cover of a song that already has an identity of its own “Hallelujah” belongs to Grammy-award winning group Pentatonix. We’re sure you’ve already heard about their musical success, since they’ve definitely come a long way since they released their first video back in 2011.
What started as a hobby driven by their common passion for music turned into a successful project that has become known worldwide. This amazing group proves that you don’t need instruments to create an amazing song. Their amazing voices is all they need to amaze everybody who listens to them.
This is the perfect video to share with your friends during this time of the year.

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