The ashes of a loved one can be made into a beautiful diamond, thanks to a Swiss company called Algordanza. We found this story very intersting.

Instead of going the traditional route, and to be cremated or buried, people are now wanting their ashes to be forever sealed in one of these beauties! Algordanza, a Swiss company, people can now pay for the process of having the ashes of a loved one made into a memorial diamond.


Using a combination of machines and complex scientific process, the staff at Algordanza separate the carbon from the deceased’s ashes, then convert the carbon into graphite, and use specific temperatures and pressure to create a diamond “seed.”

The diamond color varies depending on the amount of boron is present in the ashes of the deceased. The cost of making a memorial diamond can cost around $4,500, on top of the price of cremation.

What about you? Would you want to seal the remains of a loved one into one of these?