Police dog STABBED to DEATH! The pics from the funeral will make you cry like a baby!

The 3-year-old Belgian German Shepherd (malinois)  known as K-9 Kye was laid to rest this friday,  in Oklahoma, with the full honors befitting the police service he performed with his partner for the last 2 years, Sgt. Ryan Stark.

Kye was stabbed to death by a burglary suspect in downtown Oklahoma  and now Sgt. Stark  is under investigation for fatally shooting the main suspect. Police men with their 4 legged partners came from all over the state to participate in Kye’s funeral. He was seen as a family member, a great partner and now as a hero.

Dog and man are working together side by side for thousands of years. As human society has emancipated, the dogs kept the pace and have become increasingly more involved in as many aspects of human life. The dogs not only provides company but fulfill various jobs and professions.







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