Police Warning People About a Frightening New Crime Called Sliding Happening at Gas Stations

Thieves never run out of creative ideas when it comes to deceiving people and stealing their goods. One of the latest techniques thieves have come up with is called a “slider”, and more and more cases are being reported across the United States.
This new “trend” mainly targets women who stop at gas station to fill the gas tank of their cars. The whole operation only lasts for a few seconds, and it goes down like this: while the victim is busy pumping gas or goes inside the gas station to pay, another car pulls over into the gas station and parks right next to the victim’s car.
Then, one of the persons in that car will slide over to open the door to the victim’s unlocked car and steal whatever they can get their hands on, which is mostly purses, laptop bags and cell phones.
The video below shows a few cases of thieves employing this method, and offers some useful information on how you can protect yourself and your goods so that you don’t become a victim.
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