Police Are Warning People To Never, Ever Answer Calls From These 5 Area Codes

Returning a missed call from a number you don’t know sure is tempting and might seem like a harmless thing to do, but police are warning people across the country not to do it, as it may cost them money!
It’s known as the one-ring scam and it involves scammers targeting phone numbers belonging to random people. The Better Business Bureau issued a warning telling people not to return a call if you don’t recognize the number. The BBB says this is a new type of scam that is targeting people across the country.
The way the scammers behind it operate is pretty hard to spot. They are basically robo-calling cell phones at random numbers. You phone will ring only once, and then it will stop. The goal is to make you curious and call back. If you fall into the temptation, you can be charged as much as $20 for an international, and you may then be charged a monthly fee for joining some club you’ve never even heard of before.
Watch the video below to find out what are the five area codes that should alarm you and from which you should never answer a call.

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