Pop Singer Leaves Crowd Speechless as She Belts Out “Phantom of The Opera” Perfectly

Pop singers are definitely among the most famous performers in the industry today, but some say that their fame and popularity is not well-deserved.
Their main argument is that there are other singers out there who outperform their vocal abilities and who don’t get the recognition they deserve just because they don’t approach a musical genre as popular as pop.
Well, although it might not always be obvious judging merely by their repertoire, there are some pop singers out there who have the vocal range required to pull off pretty much every style of music you can think of.
One of those artists is Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. In honor of The Phantom of the Opera’s 25th anniversary, the current X Factor judge sang the show’s title song and managed to wow the audience with her incredible singing technique and vocal abilities.
Nicole was joined on stage by Simon Bowman, Earl Carpenter, Ramin Karimloo and John Owen-Jones, and together they created a unique moment that you’ll most likely going to want to share with all of your friends and family online.
We think Nicole should surprise her fans like this more often. Don’t you agree?


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