Pour Pancake Batter into Muffin Tins, Then Bake into Adorable Breakfast Bites

When it comes to breakfast, nothing beats pancakes. Whether we’re talking about an adult or a child, everybody loves them! They are fluffy, consistent and delicious, and you simply can’t go wrong with them.
But what do you do if you have to make pancakes for more people than just your family? Making pancakes for 10-15 people is a lot harder than making them for three or four people. Let’s say you are having your extended family over for brunch on a Sunday. Or it’s your turn to host a kids’ sleepover. Those are a lot of pancakes you need to flip.
Well, instead of having to wake up two or three hours before everybody else does, why not try this smart idea? Simply pour the same pancake batter you would use to make regular pancakes into a muffin tin and put them in the oven while you’re taking some time to enjoy your coffee.
By the time everybody comes to have breakfast, the pancake bites will be ready to be enjoyed. They are just as delicious as regular pancakes and you can add your favorite fruits or sweets to add some extra flavor.
Here’s how you make them:

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