Beautiful surprise promposal for special needs student during fire drill

This is what i call true friendship! Luis Velasquez, a Texas high school student, orchestrated one of the most touching proposals ever caught on camera for his special needs friend. The young man asked his friend to go to prom with him and he did it in the best way possible. With the help of his school, the young man staged a fire drill and surprised Tiffany! Tiffany suffers from a rare genetic proposal that affects her speech.
“He met Tiffany back in the seventh grade,” Velasquez’s mom, Jessica. “Since then, Tiffany has had the biggest crush on my son. And since the beginning of this school year, Luis said he’s taking Tiffany to prom.”

Instead of a fire drill, though, Luis Velasquez, a junior and Gay’s knight in shining armor, was waiting for her with roses in hand at the end of a long line of her fellow classmates cheering her on, to ask her to prom.The proposal went viral; more than 6 million people watched it online. Make sure you watch it too!

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