Puppy Sees Its Reflection in the Mirror for the First Time – Adorable!

A person spends, on average, 20 minutes looking at their own reflection. For women, that number goes up considerable. Dogs, however, are not much interested about how their fur looks in the morning and whether they have dark circles under their eyes or not. They spend almost no time looking in the mirror.
Still, some dogs are very intrigued when they see their own reflection in the mirror. Most of them think there’s another dog staring back at them and start barking. I imagine it’s a pretty confusing experience for them. Still, different dogs have different ways of reacting to this.
The clip below shows a Welsh Corgi Mocha seeing her reflection for the first time ever. The dog is a little over 8 weeks old, but she’s very curious to discover the world around her. As soon as she spots the small moving thing in the mirror that she doesn’t recognize, she immediately starts moving more carefully, as if she didn’t trusted her reflection.
There’s no way of knowing what was going on through this pup’s mind, but she sure looked suspicious. At some point, she even tried to trick her own reflection by running away and coming back. It doesn’t get much adorable than this!

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