Repairmen Show Up to Antenna That Suddenly Stops Working, Then Open It And Can’t Believe What Pours Out

If you think repairmen have a pretty plain job that doesn’t involve much surprises or bizarre situations, then you definitely have to take a look at the video below as it will most likely make you reconsider your point of view.
The clip shows a repairman who was called in to check up on an antenna at the Bear Creek Microwave Site that has stopped working. The man and his team were well equipped for the job, but nothing could quite prepare them for what they came across when they opened up the antenna and found the cause of the problem.
You see, it wasn’t an electrical malfunction or anything of that sort that was interrupting the signals. In fact, the only one to blame was nature. Believe it or not, the antenna’s cover was full of acorns which squirrels have carefully stored for the winter.
Squirrels like to hide their food in places like these, but the number of acorns the repairmen found inside is downright impressive. Sadly, the men were forced to throw away all the acorns. And judging by the sheer number of them, the poor squirrels have definitely put a lot of time and effort into collecting all of them.

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