Roofers Are Working When Music Comes On. Man in Blue Quickly Brightens Everyone’s Day

They say music makes everything better, and it certainly seems to apply in the case of the awesome roofer in the video below. The man and his colleague where working hard fixing up a roof, when all of the sudden an Enrique Iglesias song comes on, and the man’s reaction is downright hilarious.
Apparently, the music inspired him to showcase his talent as a dancer, and the internet can’t get enough of his awesome moves. For almost an entire minute, this talented worker swayed his hips, shook his legs and boogied to the hit song, proving that he is a man of many talents.
Oh, and did I mention that he did his little dance routine on the rooftop? This has to be one of the best impromptu dance performances to ever be captured on video; and one more proof that as long as you have the right attitude, even the hardest job can seem like a lot of fun!
If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, then I don’t know what will! This is the perfect video to get you ready for the week, so make sure to also share it with others as well.

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