Rude Man Honks At Old Woman Crossing Walkway, Her Revenge Is Brilliant

We all lead busy lives, and most of us are constantly rushing to get to one place or the other. That being said, patience is definitely a virtue that unfortunately not many people still have.
However, no matter how busy you are or how much of a rush you are in, you should always be considerate towards other people. That’s because karma has a funny way of tilting the scale in the favor of those who do the right thing.
Just look at the driver in the video below. The man who was behind the wheel of an expensive car began honking when an elderly woman took too much time to cross the walkway. And although she had every right of crossing in her own time, the impatient man kept acting rude, urging the woman to move faster by honking his horn.
But when the elderly woman finally got sick of his rude behavior, she did something to set him straight and got revenge in the best possible way. The man never saw this coming, which only makes this moment that much better.
To find out what the elderly woman did to get even, make sure to watch the clip until the end. It’s totally worth it!

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