Rude Neighbor Steals Family’s Shovel During Snow Storm, Then Dad Teaches Her a Lesson

The dad in the video below made headlines all across the country a while back after he found a creative way to take revenge on one of his neighbors after she took his snow shovel to dig her car out of the snow – but never bothered to return it.
The problem was dad needed the shovel to finish building an igloo for his 2-year-old daughter who was very excited to play in it. The man has a home security system with tunnel vision, so he was able to find out a little something about the woman who forgot to return his shovel. He saw which car was hers, and like any disappointed dad would do, he decided to get even.
So he took out his brand new snow blower and decided to give it a try. The man used it to completely bury the woman’s car in snow, so the next time she wanted to get into her car and drive away, she would be met with an extremely unpleasant surprise.
The entire scene was, of course, captured on video. I know revenge is typically not a good idea, but I can see why this dad might have felt he needs to teach his rude neighbor a lesson.

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