Russians jump in front of CARS just to get paid by the insurance companies!

What will people do for money? Apparently anything. The ultimate insurance scam comes straight from Russia. There people jump in front of cars, buses and even trucks in order to get money from the companies. This is why many drivers have on board cameras, so they can prove that were scam victims.
They main cause of buying a camera is just the road conditions, but the existence of large areas where the laws are not respected and the police are corrupt. Russia is on the 133 place in the corruption ranking, according to a survey conducted by Transparency International. The most corrupt institution in Russia seems to be traffic police!Besides the distrust inspired by the authorities, Russian drivers have to avoid the attacks of other drivers or pedestrians who intentionally throw in front of the car to get compensation.

According to Business Insurance, in 2011 there were 200,000 road events, resulting in 28,000 deaths.

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