Security Camera Catches Husband’s Act In Driveway, Wife Sees Footage & Immediately Makes Copy

Mornings are rough, aren’t they? You have to wake up early to go to work when most often than not, all you’d truly want to do is hide under the blankets with a bag of chips and watch movies all day. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could just slide into your day effortlessly? Well, you may reconsider your answer once you take a look at the hilarious video below.
In it, a man dressed in a suit who was probably heading towards work on a usual morning can be seen sliding his way down his ice driveway, and his efforts to maintain balance despite all odds have united the Internet in laughter.
However, despite the man’s impressive attempts not to fall down on the ice, that’s exactly what happened. And if you already feel bad for this guy, just wait until you find out who uploaded the images on YouTube.
Apparently, the man’s wife came across the clip while checking out the surveillance footage and thought her husband’s morning icy adventure is quite funny and deserves to be shared with others online. Well, we can’t argue with that, now can we? This is downright hilarious.

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