She Breaks Her Neck But Remains On Pitch To Make A Save! She Is A Football Hero!

Newcastle goalkeeper is a true hero. She recovered from a fractured neck and still wanted to play,although she was suspected of cervical fracture.

The sacrifice some athletes make seem incomprehensible to the audience, but suffering is sometimes overcome by the desire to continue. This is what happened with the women’s soccer goalkeeper from Newcastle, who continued to play despite being suspected of cervical fracture.

Laura Wareham collided with a teammate in the match against Bradford, and remained lying on the ground. She hit her neck and ribs but continued to play for 5-6 minutes, being changed because the pain didn’t allow her to hit the ball. After she left the field, Laura collapsed twice, once on the ground and once in the locker room. “It was really crazy, I got very scared, especially the doctors told me that I may have need surgery,” said Laura for a newspaper in Newcastle.

She was really nervous when she was changed. “I wanted to continue playing but when I sat on the bench I was hurt, and after the team doctor took me to the locker room, and I felt bad. I walked as if everything was ok when suddenly I started to hear the world around my like I was far away. the next thing I saw … I was looking from the bottom up to the world gathered around me, “says Laura.


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