She Dances with Dad On Wedding Day, in an Instant Discovers Dad Kept Huge Secret from Her

Lisa Getz will always remember the day she got married. Not because of how she looked in her wedding dress or how beautiful the venue and the decorations were, but mostly because of the touching moments she experienced during that special day.
You see, Lisa’s dad had a special surprise for her that he had started planning months before the wedding. The man wanted to make sure his daughter will never forget the special dance they shared during her wedding, so he decided to do something that will blow her mind.
Knowing that she is a huge Tim McGraw fan, the woman’s dad wanted to make sure the artist will be able to sing to them live during that dance. And the song he chose was spot on: “My Little Girl.”
In reality, it was Lisa who choose the song, but she only expected it to be played over the speakers. When Tim McGraw entered the stage, her face dropped. She clearly didn’t expect any of it!
Having a celebrity perform live for you at your wedding is pretty cool, but what really makes the dance special is the connection Lisa and her dad share. You need to see this!

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