She suffers from an incurable disease, but she has a PHENOMENAL voice! You will moved to tears!

When children encounter special problems, their performance is even more remarkable. Emma Lowry is a good example if we look through the
disease is affected. However, she won the 2012 season of the competition “Autism’s Got Talent,” performing the song “One Moment In Time” of the late singers
Whitney Houston.
Although children with autism have talking problems and express what they want and only when they want, Emma Lowry is a girl who gives all her passion on stage, when she sings.
The song is quite difficult even for an educated voice, but the nine year old girl amazes us with her ??outstanding voice.
She is aware that the this contest is a challenge a for. Even if sometimes words give her headaches she successfully continues to sing at a high level.
Her ultimate joy and laughter are the proof that such a child can overcome any obstacles. From now on she sings with ease and courage, because she felt
how it’s like to be encouraged and applauded by the whole audience. It’s adorable when she salutes the public, making a reverence like a true lady.
Children are miracles of life and their smile reaches us every moment we live with them. But there are wonders that we have to support unconditionally!

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