He shoots clay pigeons sitting shotgun in a Ferrari while the driver does donuts

This is hardly a secret: many people have a fascination when it comes to firearms. There are people who collect them and all sorts of exhibits where firearms are the main attraction. But there are also those who have made a career out of handling guns.
UK-based Philip Thorrold is a world-class shooter with years of experience under his belt. He even has his own shooting academy where he shares his knowledge and expertise and trains others to become great shooters.
In the video below, the man’s incredible skills are put on display, and you won’t be able to look away. The images show the man shooting clay pigeons from the passenger seat of a rare Ferrari as it was doing doughnuts. Only 80 models of this particular Ferrari model were ever made, and their base price is $456,000. Car aside, the man’s skills are definitely impressive; it’s almost like he can’t miss. Although he is not the kind to use his skills outside the firing range, Phillip is surely not someone you would ever want to mess with.
This is definitely not something you see every day, so make sure to take a good look.

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