This shy teen impersonates the greatest artist of all time ! “- He takes the legend forward!”

No one would ever guess this just by watching him perform, but the amazing dancer in the video below is actually a teenager with basically no experience performing on stage. Even so, he managed to impress an entire auditorium full of people (and thousands more who watched his routine via video).
Brett Nichols has always had a passion for dancing, but because he is a pretty shy guy, he never mustered up the courage to share his passion and extraordinary talent with others. But when his school organized a Talent Show Night, Brett saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally show others what he can do.
Encouraged by his family and close friends, Brett channeled his inner Michael Jackson and performed to one of the pop icon’s top hit: “Billie Jean.” As soon as Brett started doing his routine and showcasing his awesome moves, it was obvious to everyone in the room that it wouldn’t just be yet another school act.
It’s unbelievable what true passion can do! This incredible teen definitely stole the show with his fantastic moves, so take a look and don’t forget to share this with others as well!

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