Shyly Announces He Will Sing A Whitney Classic, Within Seconds Everyone’s Mouths Fall Open

Most of us can’t help but try to sing along whenever Whitney Houston’s iconic hit “I Have Nothing” comes on the radio, but the result is most often than not something that is slightly embarrassing and in no way suitable for sharing with others.
There’s no one who could ever match Whitney’s incredible way of singing this song, but the young man in the video below comes pretty close. Johnny Manuel decided to do a rendition of the song for his audition at America’s Got Talent, and managed to hit all the right notes.
Every time a contestant walks on stage and says they are going to do a Whitney Houston song, the judges are always a bit hesitant because most of the songs in her repertoire are extremely difficult and require a trained and versatile voice.
However, this young man proved that there’s no reason to shy away from singing a Whitney song, as long as you know that you can do the song justice.  
Needless to say, Johnny managed to secure a place in the competition. What’s more, his incredible performance earned him a standing ovation from the audience. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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