Simon rolls eyes when she says she’ll sing Aretha hit, within seconds she forces everyone to their feet

Being a part of popular talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent is an excellent way for talented people to gain some notoriety and maybe start a career in the entertainment business. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to put yourself out there, overcome your emotions, and demonstrate your talent in front of a large audience – not to mention the judges.
And when the members of the jury are as straightforward and plain-spoken as Simon Cowell, then it’s even harder.
Still, the young woman in the video below was feeling pretty confident as she stepped out on the stage at Britain’s Got Talent. She chose to do a rendition of a famous Aretha Franklin song, and the judges were impressed by her bold choice – with one exception.
Simon rolled his eyes when he found out what song she will perform for them, thinking the girl just wanted to impress people, but that she didn’t actually had the skills needed to do the song justice.
After all, Aretha Franklin has one of the best voices in the world, and it’s almost impossible to match her performance, no matter how talented you are.
Still, the 14-year-old contest definitely managed to rise up to the occasion and simply blew the judges away!

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