Simon Said Doctor’s Voice Is Best He’s Heard So Far, 1 Month Later Leaves Internet in Tears

When Brandon Rogers stepped on stage at America’s Got Talent, he was filled with hope. The excitement and joy of sharing his talent with the rest of the world had taken over him. And although Brandon didn’t exactly have it easy up until then, the promise of change made him look forwards to tomorrow.
You see, Brandon was studying to become a doctor, and his biggest wish in life was to find a way to blend being a doctor with his passion for music to help others. Brandon had decided to become a doctor after a terrible occurrence he experienced when he was just a child.
Then, he found his mom in a pool of blood, but luckily doctors were able to save her. Brandon never forgot that moment. And no matter how hard life got, Brandon always found comfort in music.
As chance would have it, the young man not only enjoyed listening to music, but actually had the voice of an angel. His audition impressed both the judges and the audience, but then something tragic happened.
Sadly, Brandon lost his life in a car accident before his audition was shown on TV. This is so sad!

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