Son Tells Farmer Dad That a Kid at School Is Hungry, So He Goes Down There with His Harvest

It’s 2017. We’ve come so far in so many different aspects of life. Technology is at an all-time high, we’ve made progress when it comes to embracing diversity, but still, there are millions of people literally starving to death in different parts of the world.
We know this for a fact, but most of us have never had to see this dramatic problem up close. Like most people, farmer Jonathan Lawler never expected to see hunger in his community. So when he found out there were people who went to sleep at night with an empty stomach, he decided he needs to do something to help.
Jonathan made a big change on his farm to help out, and now his gesture is going viral. You see, his business went from a for-profit farm to a faith-based food aid organization. Simply put, Jonathan donates part of his harvest to help feed the hungry, even if it means reducing the amount of money he makes.
Moreover, he encourages other farmers to do the same. His message is simple: if more people would do something to help those in their close communities, most of the hunger problem would be solved.

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