Storeowner Notices Candy Keeps Going Missing from Inventory, So He Plays Back Security Footage

Candy… we all know it’s bad for you, but I have not yet met someone who can resist it. As it turns out, it’s not just us humans who find it impossible to stay away from candy. If the video below is any indication of the truth, squirrels have the same problem.
But unlike humans, they can’t actually go into a store, talk to the store clerk and buy a candy bar whenever they have a sweet tooth. So they have to get creative when it comes to getting their hands on some delicious chocolate. In other words, steal.
The inventive squirrel in the video below was finally uncovered as being a sneaky little thief after the owner of a store in Toronto, Canada started noticing that a bunch of candy bars were suspiciously missing from his stock.
The owner knew that squirrels like to hang out in front of his store, but he never thought they could be the ones to blame for his problems in the store. That’s until he looked over the security footage recorded inside the store and saw what was really going on. These are surely the most adorable thieves you will ever see!

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