Stray puppy was freezing in the street until caring goose decides to step in

Real love and friendship know no boundaries and the animal kingdom proved it plenty of times. Recently a series of photos showing a goose keeping a puppy warm went viral on Internet. The compassionate bird spotted the freezing puppy on the street and she knew exactly how to act. A passerby has spotted the goose next to a pole in in Montana, but only when he got closer he realized what’s actually going on. The caring goose was protecting the helpless puppy against the cold

Apparently, the puppy was abandoned by its mother shortly after birth and he was living on the streets. But once the cold season came, the things didn’t looked too good for the little one. Thankfully for him, the help came when he expected the less. A goose approached him and offer her help. In a heartwarming scene, the goose uses its wings to protect the puppy from the cold and to keep it warm.

The caring bird used her peak to pet the puppy and kept it warm underneath its wings for quite a while as the puppy fast asleep in its embrace. Both the goose and the puppy have eventually been rescued. We still have a lot to learn from animals!

This is not the first time a goose and a pup share an intimate moment. Have a look:

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