All of A Sudden, Tiny Baby Gets ‘Stinky.’ But It’s the Dog’s Reaction That Has Internet in Laughter

There is no denying the fact that infants can be extremely unpredictable. As a parent, you always find yourself being taken by surprise by the way they react to new experiences. Also, when they are young, kids don’t yet know much about the proper way to behave around other people, or other beings, for that matter.
And this often leads to some pretty embarrassing situations like your kid telling a pregnant woman she’s fat or them stinking up an entire room full of people by letting out gas in the worst possible moment.
As adults, we know better than to blame children for this type of behavior. Pets, on the other hand, are not so “forgiving.” Just take a look at the dog in the video below. The pup was hanging on next to a baby in the family’s living room when all of the sudden, the tiny baby gets “stinky.”
If he could, the dog would have most likely plug his nose and start running for the hills. Instead, he did something that will definitely make you laugh out loud.
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