Talented ventriloquist steps onstage, stuns crowd with his stand-up comedy and clear talent

Have you ever seen a ventriloquist performing live? I remember my parents taking me to a show when I was a little girl. I didn’t know much about the world then and some of my colleagues even led me into believing Santa Claus wasn’t real. Clearly I didn’t know much, but even I knew the act was far from being a good one.
You could see that man’s mouth moving from a mile away. As I later found out, not all ventriloquists are created equal. There are some artists out there who turn their performances into art, and the man in the video below is one of them.
Paul Zerdin not only has amazing skills when it comes to handling the puppet, but he also has good jokes and amazing charisma. Put together, these qualities make up for an incredible act that is sure to impress any audience, at any event.
Back in 2015, he made an appearance on America’s Got Talent where he impressed the entire audience and the members of the jury with his incredible act. Enough said. This is something you need to see to believe.
Check out Paul Zerdin and his hilarious puppet Sam.

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