Tattoos on the CORNEA, bizarre and dangerous! You can lose your eyesight!

A Brazilian has tattooed his eyes, after he already covered 70% of his body with permanent tattoos. Doctors warn, however, that the eye tattoos can seriously affect vision. Rodrigo Fernando Santos, aged 39, a tattoo artist himself, said he wept ink for 2 days after the dangerous cornea tattoo was made.

The procedure is an Irreversible one. Ink, the same used for tattoos on the skin, is Inserted in the eye with a syringe.

Ophthalmologists pull a warning about the danger posed to those who seek such interventions. The eye may swell and there were cases in which patients have lost eyesight. As an alternative, there are tattoos on eyelids, less Dangerous to the health of the eye.

cornea tattoo

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