Teacher forces student with severe stutter to speak in front of class. Then he finds his voice

Not everybody learns in the same way, and one of the most common problem with many learning institutions today is that they use the same teaching systems on all of the students.
Being an excellent teacher is more than just passing on information. Being a great teacher means understanding your students, their needs and their struggles. It means thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to teach so that every single student in your class can achieve great results.
And the amazing teacher in the video below definitely fits the description. The way he managed to help one of his students overcome his stutter is truly incredible. The boy was constantly bullied because he was finding it hard to translate what he was thinking into actual words.
But this teacher believed in him and took the time to help him with his problem outside of class. Inspired by a famous movie called The King’s Speech, the teacher had the genius idea to use music as a way to distract the student’s mind and calm his anxiety.
When he managed to stop focusing all of his energy on his speech impediment, the student was finally able to find his true voice. Take a look:

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